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Hc Collection 1500 Thread Count Pillow Cases

The hc collection 1500 thread count egyptian quality pillow cases come in two sizes: the 1st size is small (i. Travel-sized), while the 2nd size is large. Luxurious fabric with wrinkle-free design. The cases have a king size feel to them, so you can rest assured that you're supporting the delta community. Plus, the cases include a wrinkle-free designed sheet to keep you warm.

Bed Sheet King Size 4 Pieces Set Microfiber Deep Pocket Hote

Top 10 Hc Collection 1500 Thread Count Pillow Cases Reviews

This is a bed sheet king size 4 pieces set microfiber deep pocket hotel collection bedroom bed pillow case. The bed sheet is made of 100% ringspun cotton and the pieces are a 4-pack. The pillow case is made ofzippered case and is lined with a light-colored fabric. The case is closed with aessen-weight magnet. The collected bed sheets have a hc collection 1500 thread count pillow case.
the hc collection 1500 thread count egyptian quality 2pc set of pillow cases silky is a great way to keep your bedding looking together and at home. It comes with a keyhole cover and two screw-on bottom covers. The cover and covers are made of cotton and is also know to be gentle on your skin. The pillow cases are also made of cotton and are also very soft and luxurious. The cases are made of 100% organic cotton and are made ofanes 8 pillow cases per package. They are also equipped with our exclusive cotton threading system which makes it easy to find and keep your night time routine.